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10 years of Open Source

Welcome to the pages for the Celebration of our 10 years of open source

We are here to celebrate the 10 years of the open sourcing of VideoLAN and VLC.

10 days of surprises, ideas and stories will pop up here.

Day 6: Best extensions for VLC

VLC extensions

For our 6th day, we'd like to speak about extensions for VLC and provide a few.

Extensions in VLC are not very popular yet, because we are missing a few functionnalities.
Still, some are already cool to use.

Extensions in VLC can add new features that we don't want to support in the main core, or that we cannot.

Some extensions

VLC extension: subtitles downloader

This small extension allows you to get subtitles directly from web databases
Download it now!

VLC extensions: movie information

These are, in fact, 4 extension to get more information about the movie currently playing: extension extension extension extension

NB: the legality of the use of these extension is not clear yet. If you have any info, please share with us.

VLC extension: Add Similar files

This extension will find the similar files in the same folder (like for TV shows)
than the file playing and add them to the playlist.
Download it now!

Sorry, but because of the FOSDEM event, this day 6, that was supposed to be out on sunday, went out on monday :D

Support us

Since all the work on VLC and other videolan projects is done by volunteers in their free time, we welcome donations to help us manage the software. Donate now!


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