VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

10 years of Open Source

Welcome to the pages for the Celebration of our 10 years of open source

We are here to celebrate the 10 years of the open sourcing of VideoLAN and VLC.

10 days of surprises, ideas and stories will pop up here.

Day 5: Small photo from the VideoLAN team from FOSDEM

For our 5th day, we'd like to share a small photo we've done during the FOSDEM conference, where some people from the VideoLAN team met today, and tomorrow.

The picture is taken in front of the huge Brussels green cone.
VideoLAN in FOSDEM 2011

Support us

Since all the work on VLC and other videolan projects is done by volunteers in their free time, we welcome donations to help us manage the software. Donate now!


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