VideoLAN, a project and a non-profit organization.

VideoLAN mailing-lists

The VideoLAN mailing-lists are used for the developement and the user support of the VideoLAN project. They are only English-speaking.

Please try to stay on-topic. The developers are subscribed to the user lists as well, so do not post to a development list because you can't compile a program.

All the mailing-lists are in "closed-post" mode, which mean that messages from people who are not subscribed to the list need to go through a moderation process, which can take many hours, but is a necessary evil to avoid spam. The exception is the videolan-announce list, which is fully moderated.

You can consult the online archives.

You can also consult the Gmane archives of the mailing-lists.

Subscription / Unsubscription

You can subscribe or unsubscribe from the web.